This Privacy Policy states and informs you, how Ramirez Engineering GmbH uses and safeguards the personal information you provide and if need be, when you use this Site available at the following URL address : (below the « Site »).

Please note that the Privacy Policy may be amended or supplemented any time by Ramirez Engineering GmbH, in particular to comply with any evolution of legislation, statutes, regulations or technology. In such a case, the date of update will be clearly identified at the top of this Policy. These modifications apply to the User as soon as they are published online.  It is therefore appropriate for the User to consult this Privacy Policy and the Policy concerning the use of Cookies at regular intervals, in order to be informed of the possible amendments.

Personal information

In general, it is possible to visit the Site of Ramirez Engineering GmbH without sending us any personal information about yourself. In any case, you are not bound in any way to transmit the information to Ramirez Engineering GmbH.

However, in the case of a refusal, it is possible that you may not be able to have access to some information or service you have requested. Indeed, Ramirez Engineering GmbH might be required in certain cases to ask you to provide first and last name, mail address, phone number, society and function (below the «Personal Information»). By providing this information, you expressly accept that they will be treated by Ramirez Engineering GmbH, for the purposes identified in the section 2 below, as well as for the purposes specified at the end of each form.

In accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation adopted by the European Parliament on April 14th, 2016 and with the modified law on Information Technology and Civil Liberties of January 6th 1978, Ramirez Engineering GmbH informs you of the following points:

  • Identity of the data controller

The data controller is the Company Ramirez Engineering GmbH, with its head office in: Klybeckstrasse 141 / K-110, 4057 BASEL, Switzerland.

  • Purpose of the data control

Ramirez Engineering GmbH may process your personal information:

(a) in order to provide the information or services you have requested (namely: sending of the newsletter, commercial offer); and/or

(b) in order to collect data that help us improve our website, our products and services (namely by means of cookies); and/or

(c) in order to be able to contact you to inform you about various events concerning the Ramirez Engineering GmbH, including e.g. the update of products and the customer support.

  • Recipients

Ramirez Engineering GmbH is the unique recipient of your personal information. This information will never be disclosed to any third party, either individually or together. Ramirez Engineering GmbH will not sell the personal data of website users or visitors.

  • Data retention period

Your Personal Information will only be kept by Ramirez Engineering GmbH for as long as we need it to fulfill our stated purposes, as mentioned in part 2 above. It shall not exceed a period of 12 months.

  • Data Protection and Liberties

You have the following rights concerning your Personal Information. You may exercise this right by writing to our post address mentioned in point 1.

  • Rights of access and communication of data

You may access to your Personal Information.

However, because of the legal obligation of security and confidentiality in the handling of personal data, which lies on the Company Ramirez Engineering GmbH, you are informed that your request will be processed, provided you have stated your identity, namely by producing a scan of a valid identity document (request by using our dedicated online form) or a signed copy of your valid identity form (written request).

  • Right of correction data

This right allows you to ask the correction, update, locking or removal of data relating to you, which may be false, incorrect, incomplete or out-of-date.

  • Right of opposition

Exercising this right is only possible in one of both situations described below:

  1. If exercising this right has legitimate grounds; or
  2. If exercising this right is intended to prevent the data gathered to be used for commercial prospection.
  • Response time

Ramirez Engineering GmbH commits to respond to your inquiry of access, modification or opposition or to any other request of additional information, within a reasonable time which shall in no case exceed one month from the date of receiving your request.

Cookie policy

When you first connect to the site of Ramirez Engineering GmbH an infobar in the lower right of your screen informs you that information about your browsing on the Website may be saved in files called «cookies». Our Policy in the use of cookies allows you to better understand the measures we implement concerning browsing on our Website. It informs you namely about all the cookies on our Website and their aim. It provides also guidelines for setting the cookies.

  • General information about cookies on the Website of Ramirez Engineering GmbH

As a publisher of this Website, Ramirez Engineering GmbH, may place a cookie on the hard disc of your device (laptop, tablet, mobile, etc.) in order to ensure a fluent and optimal browsing on our Website.

«Cookies» are small-sized text files which enable us to recognize your computer, tablet or mobile in order to personalize the services we provide.

The data gathered by means of the cookies do not allow us to determine who you are. The data will only be used for our own purposes in order to improve the interactivity and the performance of our Website and to send you contents adapted to your interests. Neither of this information will be disclosed to a third party.

  • Setting preferences on cookies

You may accept or decline cookies any time.

When you first connect to the site of Ramirez Engineering GmbH, an infobar containing information about implementing cookies or similar technologies, appears in the lower right of your screen. This infobar warns you of the implementation of cookies on your terminal, if you browse further on the Website of Ramirez Engineering GmbH (by loading a new page or clicking on various elements of the Website for example). You shall also be regarded as having given your consent to the implementation of cookies, by clicking on the « X » icon placed right of the infobar in the lower part of your screen.

According to the type of cookies, obtaining your consent to implement or read cookies on your terminal may be necessary.